24 Hour Tour d'Espirit: 58 miles (Germantown, TN) 1st in age

Half : 2.20.55 (Dublin, OH)

Half Mary: 2.13.30 (Germantown, TN)

Half Mary: 2.14.42 (ole man river, NOLA)

9k: 52.55 (Jackson day race, NOLA) 2nd in age

8k: 38.26 (Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago)

5k: 25.27 (Sole to Soul, Memphis TN) 2nd in age

Happiness is getting the most from life; exercise is getting the most from your body!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the past two months

I've done a half marathon in Columbus Ohio.

I ran a 5k and placed 2nd in age.  It was my husband's first race!

Completed a 24 hour race in Memphis TN.  1st in age and 58 miles.

Ran a 10k with my husband, brother, and his new wife in Portland Oregon.

Came home and saw this:

Not only have I logged a ton of miles, but I also have an IUD.  I must be dealing with one persistent little embryo!!

I'm about to head to the doctor to see about removing the IUD and keeping this little miracle.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

24 hour Tour d'Espirit race report part 1

Thanks for all the replies, I do love attention!!  This is going to be long, but it was a long race!

2 pm

I arrived onsight.  My aunt's family sets up a tent and canopy every year.  It was great because we were right up against the course, so stopping to refuel was easy.  I'm glad I brought a lot of food because all the aid station had were grapes and gatoraid from a dry mix, gag me!  I actually had my cousin run out and get me more fruit punch gatoraid because the mix was making me queazy.

3 pm

The race starts and there's like 15 people, it was so weird!  There were 300 or so individual runners and 15 or so teams.  You could come and go as you pleased, so there wasn't a big start or finish.  The teams made things interesting because you would see people whipping past you at 3am.  The team that won went 200+ miles with an avarage 6 minute mile!

I jogged the first 1 mile lap around to survey the scene.  It was mostly flat packed dirt, with about 1/4 of it paved.  The first part after the paved spectator area was open field with some gravel I heard the fast runners complaining about.  The second part went into a forest, then crossed a wooden bridge down past a playground.  There was a big dip and a narrow mulch trail right before the finish and as you crossed the mat you were assulted by screatching chip sensors.  Lap times and numbers were provided on a computer screen right past the finish and the aid station was after that.

I decided to walk the pavement and jog the trail at first.  I turned on the Beatles and went to it!  I sipped gatoraid as I went along and ate GU every 3rd lap (I was going slooow).  I felt good so I had to slow myself down a few times. *think turtle, think turtle* was my mantra and my goal was to never get short of breath.

5 pm

Listening to The White Album

I stopped shortly after this to walk a lap and eat some food.  (ps.  my new medicine totally worked and I didn't have a single problem)

The larabar and peanuts tasted totally gross.  I ended up not eating any more of them.  I ate all 6 bananas I brought though!  I also had some burger/rice letovers that tasted good and my aunt gave me some potato chips that were AMAZING.  I'm definitely bringing some next year!  Over all it was a struggle to eat.  I just don't have an appetite when I run, but I knew I couldn't survive on GU alone.

6 pm

I took a picture of my dusty shoes, it totally sucked inhaling that stuff all day!

  I changed out of my new balance cushions and fancy socks and put on my Nike Free's and two pairs of cheapo sock (which may have been a mistake).  The Nike's did me well.  I didn't change shoes again the entire time and had zero sharp foot pain like I'm used too.  I did have pain, miles 10-20 hurt the most.  After that pain just came in waves.  Something would hurt for a few miles and then go away.  I just chugged along!
I was able to run/walk the entire first marathon portion which totally cured my marathon phobia! (now it's next on the list!)

Mile 18 at the wooden bridge:

They lit up the entire course at night.

After the first 26 miles I took a break and sat down for a few minutes.  All the advice says not to stop, but those short 5 minute sitting breaks were wonderful and totally reenergizing! 

Miles 27-39 I can't really account for.  I may have jogged some, but I mostly walked with my aunt chatting away.  At one point I notice a blister on my left foot and we went searching for something to pop it with.  We couldn't find anything, so we asked if they had a needle at the aid station where an old lady lectured me about not popping it and refused to help me.  I'm a rebel so back at our area I tried to pop it with my fingernails, but it wasn't working.  My aunt suggested I use my earring and that worked.  She's awesome!

4 am

I started to get really cold and layered on the clothes.  At one point we saw the defending female champion sitting on the curb looking rough.  She asked us for some broth or something.  We gave her some cheese crackers.
I couldn't shake the cold.  Around 5 am we went into our tent and tried to get some sleep or at least warm up.  I fell asleep cold in the dark and woke up colder in daylight!

To be continued...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Incase anyone reads this and is wondering.  I'm beginning to suspect that I find myself waaay more interesting than anyone else does!!  :)

More to come!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prep work!

Since I didn't do any physical prepping besides running after two toddlers and occationally going on a treadmill run I decided to max out on all my physical supplies!

I present, how one who isn't prepared prepares:

The clothes, it's been 80 during ( high of 80, low of 48)

Two pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of socks, jacket, pants, shirt, fuel belt, tank, bra, shorts (not pictured: dirty ugly lucky hat)

The food

The plan is to GU every hour and hydrate with gatoraid (it's provided too, these are for emergencies).  Every 4 hours I will have a "meal" of a package of peanuts, larabar, and banana.  The peppermint patties are for if I'm nauseous and the (flat) cola is for if I get tired.

The meds

prep h (we discusses that already), chapstick, sunscreen, vaseline, bengay, pain patches, mole skin, (not pictured tylenol)

All packed up and ready to go! 

The race starts at 3pm tomorrow (Fri) and goes until 3pm Saturday.  I'll be updating my facebook during my walk breaks (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507029810) if you're interested.  Wish me luck!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dress rehearsal

Today I tried out my 20/10 plan.  I did 2 hours going 5 mph / 3mph.  Total mileage: 8.66

Lessons learned:

- mint chocolate GU = YUM, apple cinnamon Hammer Gel = Yuck.  Both sat well on my stomach and perked me up though!  I took 1 an hour and drank gatoraid.  I stopped with energy to spare!

- I may break it up into miles.  The loop is 1 mile.  I like the 2:1 ratio, so I could do 2 miles jogging and 1 walking.  That way I won't have to be staring at the clock all night.  Plus 10 minutes made me feel rushed taking my GU.  I can't imagine eating real food in that short a time!

Over all the run today was confidence building.  When I started out I was still sore from the 5k and my right knee was having weird pains.  I also went faster than my goal of 4 miles per hour.  I honestly don't expect to go for the whole 24, but I'm excited to see just what I'm capable of!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Ultra, the 24 hour race

First off, this isn't how you're supposed to do this sort of thing!

It starts at 3pm Friday and goes through to 3pm Saturday.  After a lot of reading I have a plan.

Run plan: 20 minutes of jogging, 10 minutes of walking.  Repeat until I can't go any farther, then walk some more.

The eating plan: Hydrate with supplied gatoraid.  During every walk break eat something.  I read to aim to consume 300 calories every hour, half from liquid.  I'll eat based on how I feel and I'll choose between: banana, larabar, potato chips (for salt and fat!), and peppermint patties.  I'm also going to bring along some flat Coke for the sugar and caffeine.  It's a little tricky because I can't do wheat... my uncle will be on call for food cravings too!

The entertainment plan:  I've downloaded a book on tape, I have plenty of music, and I'll have internet on my phone.  *bring car charger!*  My aunt is going the full 24 and my cousins will be popping in and out of the race as well.  I wonder if anyone running famous will show up?!?

The gear:  I need to find a fanny pack.  Anyone know where?!  I'll pack some fleece for warmth.  I'll have my sleeping bag and pillow if I have to stop for a nap.  I'm bringing two pairs of running shoes.  I read to switch every 6 hours.  An extra change of clothes.  Extra socks...

The extras:
prep-H  ( my special gifts from my daughters don't like it when I run for more then two hours! )

Any advice?  I know I'm not in physical shape for this sort of thing, but it's supposed to be mental right?  Plus I can definitely deal with sleep deprivation, having two young girls!  I'm going into it for the experience and no real expectations.  I'll do what I can and will have a great time, but I also want to prepare for the long haul!

I'm so excited/terrified!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sole to Soul 5k race report and another last minute challenge!

First the big news.  I will be doing a 24 hour race next Friday-Saturday: Tour d'espirit in Memphis

Am I crazy?  Yes.  Do I have a plan?  Not really.  My aunt does it every year and asked me to come give it a try.  I said ok.  I've never run more than 13.1.  I plan to jog my little heart out and then walk a bunch more.  It'll be fun!

Today went FANTASTIC!  I've actually never run a 5k before.  I ran all out the first mile, conserved (stayed alive) the second mile, thought about running all out the 3rd mile, and then numbly stumbled into the finish.  I think they thought I was out of it because they expected me to just stop at the end and were yelling, "it's over, stop running, it's over!".  LOL  It was a small race...

It was just clocked timed, no chips.  I read 25.27 as I came through the gate.  I'm happy with it.  It earned me 2nd in my age division and 40th over all.  Brad came in right at 28.00 and made me so proud!

Some pictures:

Lots of races this weekend, I hope you all had fun!  Tell me about yours!